In the past I’ve coded in a lot of different programming languages, like C, C++, Java, Assembler, etc. But a view years ago I got in contact with Python. First I disliked it to have no brackets at the block boundaries. This was because it was so uncommon to me and I made the typical beginner mistakes: Mixing spaces and tabs. But with time I’ve learned to avoid the common mistakes and I’ve learned to love Python. The more I’ve coded in Python the more I’ve learned how powerful this programming language is and the more I fell in love with it ;-)

Although Python is extremely powerful it has besides the (in-)famous GIL a drawback: Python is relatively slow compared to other programming languages. But fortunately you are not lost in space. There are several more or less easy and powerful ways to make the Python code (really) fast.

In this blog I want to provide some tips and present some modules and code snippets for writing fast programs in Python.

I hope you enjoy it :-)

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